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Baldoyle Training Centre In-Centre Courses
Course CodeCourseLocationStart DateWks
BL S78IT Support Specialist (Traineeship)BALDOYLE TCJanuary 201848
BL S95Pharmacy SalesBALDOYLE TCJanuary 201834
BL 038Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Driving – ARTICULATEDBALDOYLE TCMarch 20187
BL 92RSoftware TesterBALDOYLE TCApril 201822
BL 07877Hotel Reception and Guest ServicesBALDOYLE TCMay 201832
BL 09603Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Driving – RIGIDBALDOYLE TCMay 20188
BL 07062Office AdministrationBALDOYLE TCOctober 201849
BL 923Multimedia Training (Part-time mornings or afternoons)BALDOYLE TCContinuous Intake16


Contracted Training Courses- 2018
Course CodeCourseLocationStart DateWks
DN 09601Delivery Driver – B LicenceBALBRIGGANMarch 201810
DN 09100Barista, Food Safety & Retail PracticeBALBRIGGANAugust 20188
DN 09095Forklift, SafePass and Manual HandlingBALBRIGGANNovember 20185
DN S97Healthcare SupportBALBRIGGANOctober 201837
DN 09601Delivery Driver – B LicenceBALDOYLEFebruary 201810
DN 438Software DeveloperBALDOYLEMarch 201842
DN 09095Forklift , SafePass and Manual HandlingBALDOYLEMarch 20185
DN S97Healthcare SupportBALDOYLEMarch 201837
DN394Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving (HGV) – RigidBALDOYLEMarch 201818
DN 09100Barista, Food Safety & Retail PracticeBALDOYLEApril 20188
DN 09114Special Needs AssistantBALDOYLEApril 201824
DN 09108Microsoft MCSA Server 2012 – OnlineBALDOYLEApril 201836
DN 09276Kick Start Your New Business – Training & Mentoring Support Programme 



April 2018



DN 214Accounting Technicians Ireland – First YearBALDOYLESeptember 201846
DN 09100Barista, HACCP & Retail SkillsBLANCHARDSTOWNFebruary 20188
DN 09095Forklift , SafePass and Manual HandlingBLANCHARDSTOWNFebruary 20185
DN 09601Delivery Driver – B LicenceBLANCHARDSTOWNFebruary 201810
DN 09114Special Needs AssistantBLANCHARDSTOWNFebruary 201824
DN 394Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving (HGV) – RigidBLANCHARDSTOWNFebruary 201818
DN 08731Professional Office AdministratorBLANCHARDSTOWNApril 201840
DN 07176Bus Driving- D Licence Code Y23BLANCHARDSTOWNApril 201820
DN 08731Professional Office AdministratorBLANCHARDSTOWNApril 201840
DN S97Healthcare SupportBLANCHARDSTOWNApril 201837
DN S97Healthcare SupportBLANCHARDSTOWNSeptember 201837
DN 214Accounting Technicians Ireland – First YearBLANCHARDSTOWNSeptember 201846
DN R91Supply Chain LogisticsSWORDSMarch 201849
DN 09100Barista, HACCP & Retail SkillsSWORDSMarch 20188
DN 394Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving (HGV) – RigidSWORDSSeptember 201818
DN 08731Professional Office AdministratorSWORDSSeptember 201840
DN 21RAccounting Technicians Ireland – 2nd YearSWORDSSeptember 201846


Baldoyle Training Centre Night Training Programmes – 2018
Course CodeCourseStart DateWks
BLQ25Start Your Own Business19/02/20185 weeks
BLQ222Guarding Skills26/02/20186 weeks
BLQ56PC Maintenance13/02/20185 weeks
BLQ259Training & Delivery (TTT)13/02/201810 weeks
BLQ64Digital Imaging Using Photoshop13/02/201810 weeks
BLQ224Information Technology Skills13/02/201810 weeks
BLQ8668Project Management 6N409013/02/201810 weeks
BLQ225Bookkeeping Manual & Comp13/02/201810 weeks
BLQ228Payroll- Manual and Computerised13/02/201810 weeks
BLQ84SAGE Accounts and Payroll13/02/20185 weeks
BLQ221Door Security Procedures13/02/20186 weeks
BLQ04Web Page Design (Intro)15/02/201810 weeks
BLQ7079Social Media for Business16/04/201810 weeks
BLQ225Bookkeeping Manual & Comp16/04/201810 weeks
BLQ228Payroll- Manual and Computerised16/04/201810 weeks
BLQ67Supervisory Management 6N432916/04/201810 weeks
BLQ8732Human Resource Management16/04/201810 weeks
BLQ25Start your Own Business16/04/20185 weeks
BLQ222Guarding Skills16/04/20186 weeks
BLQ233Vehicle Brake, Oil and Battery16/04/201810 weeks
BLQ9490First Aid Responder PHECC18/04/20187 weeks


Baldoyle Training Centre Community & Specialised Training Programmes 2018
Course CodeCourseLocationStart DateWks
BL63F/IT01Blanchardstown Community Training CentreBLANCHARDSTOWNContinuous Intake135
BLB6T/505FAI Soccer Skills/Sports, Recreation And Exercise CABRASeptember 201848
BL823Amenity Horticulture Vocational Course – STPFINGALContinuous Intake83
BLB6E/GL01Swords Castle and Bremore CastleFINGALContinuous Intake50
BL878Skills Base Foundation – STPFINGALContinuous Intake57
BL818Retailing with Industry Partnership – STPFINGALContinuous Intake99
BL53K/07051Blanchardstown Traveller Development Group MULHUDDARTContinuous Intake29
BL832Information Technology and Office Skills – STPSWORDSContinuous Intake78
BL89A/894Fresh Start – STPSWORDSContinuous Intake36
BL899FastTrack to Employment STPSWORDSContinuous Intake72
BL87ASkills Base FoundationSWORDSContinuous Intake57



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: Baldoyle Training Centre

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